Welcome to the Boost Torbay 4.0 Blog

So, here we are, another blog and another new blog post. We have been on twitter since 2012 and our, not so present, website has been around since the same sort of time. Next year marks our 5th, yes 5 years of being a localised Twitter hashtag which helps promote local businesses, events and communities.

This blog is a stepping stone in our journey to the launch of #BoostTorbay 4.0. This blog will also be lead by you, our community, followers and friends. So if you have an exciting article you would like to share, send it into us and we will have a peruse of what you have shared with us and it may even result with your article appearing on this very blog.

That just brings us to say one last thing. A big thank you to each and everyone of you whom have helped make #BoostTorbay possible. We have recently passed the 6000 follower mark on Twitter and over 400 of you have shown your suppport on our Facebook page. We have loved hearing your stories, promoting your events and supporting your community and we know that we will be doing it for a longer time to come.