Introducing #BoostTorbay Chat


This is not another blog post introducing our hashtag, well not like we have done in the past, no this is a post introducing a new and exciting development for the Boost Torbay hash tag.

Over the past 4 years we have seen a lot in way of ‘hours’ over taking the Twitter platform, and certainly here in Torbay we have our very own hour.  In Devon there are several more accounts all providing dedicated hours with which businesses and individuals can promote, network, share advice and generally tweet altogether.

Not wanting to repeat the wheel or tread on the toes of the hours that are already doing an excellent job.  Today we are unveiling our very first #BoostTorbay chat.

What’s the difference? 

An hour typically involves networking, promoting your business, tweeting and so on.  A chat is a public twitter conversation around a certain topic and allows other users to follow the discussion, each week we’ll define and ask for our followers to define a topic for that specific week using our Boost Torbay hashtag.

We’ll be hosting our first #BoostTorbay topical chat on the 8th April 2016 between 7pm and 8:00pm  with the first topic being centred around Torquay Town Centre.

We will point out that we are completely impartial and we would like to see a friendly but lively chat, and we look forward to seeing you next Friday.


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