This week we headed down to the Rock Garden Cafe in Torquay town centre.


It was great to see a handful of local Twitter accounts getting involved in the chat.  There were also some questions raised over the hashtag, #BoostTorbayChat.

So let’s strip it to basics.

At the moment we have two hashtags, the #BoostTorbayChat runs every Friday 8-9pm and the normal #BoostTorbay is used throughout the week.  But we’re going to change that.

As of next Friday 21st October, you will be able to join in the chat by simply using #BoostTorbay between 8 – 9pm. We’re also heading down or up to the @ChelstonManor, so if you’re free next Friday and fancy a chat and a bit of informal networking pop along.

Featured Account – @SimonDayUK

Our featured account this week is website designer and co-host radio presenter @SimonDayUK. He is also winner of the Best use of Twitter social media award.

Simon Day has over 19 years of commercial website design experience, starting coding in 1997 when resources for coding were few and far between.  Today he freelances for a range of businesses both large and small.

What’s On

This week we attended the Torquay Chamber of Commerce networking meeting on Wednesday and got wind of a new GoFundMe page opening up.

This year we’ve heard that Torquay Town Centre is going to be without Christmas lights unless we do something about it.  Susie Colley has set up a fantastic campaign to begin getting the ball rolling to secure funding for the implementation of Christmas lights.

Whatever you can donate, large or small please ensure Torquay does’t go without Christmas lights.

They are looking for up to $25K and any you can contribute would be greatly received.

Open the link below to donate whatever you can.


Guest Post: Anger by Janet Astle

angerAnger appears to be socially unacceptable. Add this to any childhood experience of being told to be “good” translating as being “bad” if we do display anger or frustration… and this leads to a distorted understanding of anger itself.

Anger can be connected to fear, mainly of being vulnerable or out of control. Linking to a time when we were in reality vulnerable and had a painful experience. We recall this experience when we feel vulnerable again and now “defend” in present time.

We may fear being overwhelmed by our anger, its size feeling enormous. But, explore any anger based on a past experience… If the anger feels “bigger” than you, just check are you in the present feeling like an adult or are you back in the past feeling like a frightened child?

If you feel tired, lack motivation or interest in everyday life whilst suppressing anger. I’m not surprised. The energy it takes to suppress anger can leave you feeling exhausted, constantly trying to maintain that facade of “being in control” or calm. However it will still “spit out” sometimes.

Anger can be a blustery cover for deep sadness, which may feel too unbearable to experience and so it’s more acceptable to “be” angry.

Gain some support, when explored, anger can be seen as it really is and not overwhelming or scary as we project it to be.

The greatest gift you can give to YourSelf is to allow your feelings, to not label or judge them. But simply invite what needs to be expressed safely, it’s ok if you need someone to sit with you but this is about you learning to accept yourself.

Within Self Care, and Self Parenting you will find that the only person you ever need acceptance and permission from is you.

You can find out more about Janet Astle and her business, The Emotional Wellbeing Coach on her website and on her Facebook page.

Where the devil have you been?

This week saw us host our very first chat up, or should that be tweet up?

The chat up took place down at the Visto Lounge in Torquay.  A handful of people turned up to get involved in the chat and to get their weekend started off with a bit of a bang or in this case a little bit of a fizzle.

We were hoping to of been joined by the award winning @SimonDay, unfortunately due to a poorly eldest he was unable to attend.  Think we all wish his son a speedy recovery and hope to see you at our next chat up.

Featured Account – @HelenBrenton 

We’ve got to mention two accounts this week as we missed our weekly blog post last week.

This weeks featured account is no other than Love Torbay award winner @HelenBrenton.  Helen is involved in a variety of different groups including Network Torquay and Le Club Franglais.  She is also a social media expert and helps businesses within Torbay and beyond.

Helen is also putting together a new calendar for 2017 showcasing just a small selection of some her amazing photos of Torquay and beyond.  More details can be found on her website at

Last weeks featured account was @Taniajvaughan.

A local website designer specialising in start-up and small business websites.  Tania also have a love for some fantastic authors and speakers.

If you’re not already following her, head over to twitter and give her a follow.


Following their very popular time on the streets of South Devon.

This week we say goodbye to the Great Rhinos that we have all enjoyed seeing around South Devon this summer.

At Paignton Zoo the full Great Rhino trail will be on display and this is your opportunity to see any of the Rhinos that you haven’t been able to find whilst on your outings.

Normal entry prices apply.