BoostTorbay Elevator Pitch

To celebrate BoostTorbay joining Periscope and our rather horrendous attempts at creating a video to accompany our weekly #BoostTorbay chats.


This Friday we announced the launch of the #BoostTorbay elevator pitch.  Of course no challenge would be complete without a bit of fun and indeed a prize.

You’ve got a maximum of 60 seconds, the average amount of time an elevator takes to get from the lobby to the Penthouse.   So tell us about your business.

You will need use Periscope and use #BoostTorbay.  

We will retweet all of you who take part in this, and share them via Facebook as well.

The Reward

For everyone that gets involved your name will go into a prize draw.  The prize is a weeks worth of promotion on the #BoostTorbay account, and a prize that we are organising with a vendor in Torbay.

We’ll be closing the #BoostTorbay elevator pitch on the 19th May 2017.

Over to you….


Featured Account: Heidi Slatter

Hope to inspire is a project to educate and inspire local communities through autism awareness.

Inspirational workshops catered for all sections of the local community. Heidi speaks through life experiences of living on the autism spectrum and gives a strong insight to what its like on the autism spectrum.

Check out her website and feel free to drop a guestbook message.

And more info is available through emailing and also she presents to all age ranges school assemblies and abilities and to inspire others to make a difference.

A plonker with a camera

Ever wondered what would happen if we were to go live?  Or rather ever wondered what would happen if I go live.

Well think the video above gives us some indication as to what will happen.

#BoostTorbay now on

In March this year #BoostTorbay signed up and joined, a live stream platform that posts directly onto Twitter and yep you guessed it tonight I did our very first live broadcast with no idea what to say, no script and very little knowledge of lighting or sound requirements.

Did I mention you can follow us on there as well… if you want to hear a man muttering on about.. well anything there is to mutter about.

#BoostTorbay will be exploring the possibilities of Periscope including seeing how we might be able to use it as part of the #BoostTorbay chat on a Friday.  Tonight it’s been used in favour of replacing the weekly check in, although I’ve rambled on here an all.

Featured Account  – @hmslatter

Our featured account this week is @hmslatter an inspirational speaker raising awareness on living on the autism spectrum and inspiring local communities.

Please give her a follow, and a massive apologies for getting your handler wrong in the video.

Till next time…

Leaving the EU with our Flip Flops on!!


Oh yes, if you have been following our rather important poll on flip flop wearing this early in the year you will know that this has been subject to controversy.

Well we’re happy to put this major debate to bed, we posted up this tweet last week.

Over 24 of you voted, ok so it’s not as big as the EU referendum, but the turnout is still awesome.

With 75% of the vote the flip flop wearers have it.

Now let us all pull together and pick out our favourite pair of florescent green flip flops and get out there this weekend.

Enjoy the sunshine, if its out, if not remember your umbrella.

FlipFlopexit – Are they out or in?

Well that was an experience and a half.

If you took part in #BoostTorbay chat last night, you will know that we had to leave our own chat around 30 mins early due to being on the road.  Please accept our apologies we were on our way North at the time and had stopped at Bristol for 5.

We had planned to try out Periscope this week, but trying to do a video whilst in a car at dusk doesn’t provide a great image.

So this weekend, we’re not in Torbay, we have come up to Derbyshire to see family and also to pay our respects to a member of the family who sadly passed away.  The weather is certainly shaping up to be a gorgeous one up here and equally hoping to be able to visit some of my old haunts later on today.


Thursday, Torbay went to the polls, inspired by a tweet from @Lil_Drone_Wifey, who asked the question is it flip flop weather yet.  So we put the question to you, are we in or out.

Digital Cafe Update

We announced a few weeks ago that we would be launching a digital cafe to help businesses and the everyday user get started on social media.  Given the number of courses, businesses and social media experts that are already in the Torbay area, we thought it best that it doesn’t make sense to repeat the wheel.

As such we are cancelling the BoostTorbay Digital Cafe indefinitely, but will be launching a small section on our website dedicated to a crash course on how to use the major social networks.

Featured Account @AllSaintsTSA

This week we are delighted to announce our new featured account, @AllSaintsTSA.  For those of you who don’t know, @AllSaintsTSA is an alliance of schools across Torbay & Devon. Collaboration and Transformation is at the heart of what we do.

So if you’re not already following them you know what to do, look out for more information on this account as the week progresses.

The BoostTorbay Weekly Note

Don’t forget your copy of the #BoostTorbay weekly note will be sent over to you at some point this weekend with full details of all the latest goings on in Torbay.

Until then, have an awesome week everyone and don’t forget to tweet us throughout the week, see you next Friday for the #BoostTorbay chat.



No One’s Fool

Morning, 1st April, pinch punch first of the month an all that and welcome to the start of a new month and for the most of us a brand new quarter.

We were sat with our coffee this morning trying to work out how we could celebrate or at least contribute towards today’s April Fools Day.  So we’ve gone for a different tact this year in that we’re determined not to be fooled today, so we’ve got our whits about us.


Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to try and fool us.  If you do we’ll give you a shout out on our twitter feed.

This week saw another fantastic chat, and it’s great to see a band of regulars forming, some of whom we have now met face to face and its lovely to put faces to tweets.  Of course we’re also going to ask you guys to spread the word far and wide, we’re working on some promo collateral to help with this so do bear with us.

Featured Account – @CWashingtonPT

We are pleased to welcome our new featured account @CWashingtonPT this week.  For those of you who are looking to get in shape, we highly recommend you give this account a follow.  There really is still time for you to get the bikini body for the summer, might take a little longer for me.

@CWashingtonPT is a Certified Personal Trainer | Sports Conditioner | Nutritional Analyst | Fitness Advisor | Health and Fitness Blogger working in Torbay, Devon and London.  Everything you need to get the ball rolling for your new fitness regime, give him a follow.

Don’t forget the BoostTorbay weekly note will also be whinging its way to your inboxes this weekend featuring all the latest news from around the bay, events and of course some more self promotional stuff from us.  If you want a copy just click the link and sign up.

All that is left to be said join us next Friday for the #BoostTorbay chat and tweet us throughout the week.