Artizan Gallery to hold Exhibition for Marc Heaton

ag-pr(Torbay – 30 May 2017) Artizan Gallery will be exhibiting an exciting selection of works by Marc Heaton in June, as part of the Artizan 2017 Solo Series.

Marc Heaton is a versatile Welsh artist, born in 1973 in Pontypridd.  A fluent Welsh speaker, Marc graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Central St Martins’ College of Art and Design in 1996, studying under Eileen Cooper (RA) and Maurice Cockrill (RA).  He has been working as an artist for over two decades and is now based in Torquay.

Having spent the majority of his summer holidays in France, Marc’s stylistic development was heavily influenced by observing sailors, circus performers, and day-to-day characters on the streets and in bars and restaurants on the continent.  Other artists’ work has also had an impact on his paintings and sculpture, including Chagall, Miro, Matisse, Ronald Searle, and early illustrations in Punch magazine.  Marc’s studio is filled with a humourous mix of found objects, paintings, drawings, and sculptures

Exploring many genres over the years, Marc now produces whimsical, poetic, and humourous pieces, creating works filled with fascinating characters and gripping concepts.  These paintings all begin with a search for a character to build the work around, sifting through the thousands of character studies and sketches that Marc has made over the years.

Extraordinary Gathering will run from Saturday 10th until Friday 30th June in Artizan’s Garden Gallery.  The Private View opening event will be held from 6-8PM on Saturday 10th June.  The exhibition is curated and stewarded by Artizan Gallery – 7 Lucius Street, Torquay TQ2 5UW.

Marc Heaton’s exhibition will be running alongside Jennifer Harris’ exhibition, Below the Surface: A Retrospective.

For further information, please contact Julie Brandon at or telephone 01803 428626.


About Artizan Gallery (@ArtizanGallery)

Artizan Gallery was opened by Julie Brandon in 2014 in response to a 2012 ‘Open Space’ event which asked the question: “What is Torbay’s Cultural Future?”.  Determined to nurture and contribute to the thriving artistic community in Torbay, Julie took inspiration from places like Birdwood House in Totnes and TAAG in Teignmouth, aiming to create an elegant and comfortable space to promote local artists’ talent.  2017 sees Artizan Gallery embarking on a bold new venture: the 2017 Solo Series will run throughout the year, with a focus on showcasing individual artists in month-long exhibitions.


Featured Account: Jenny-Lou Mclaughlin

At The Torbay Holistic Support service, we offer a complete package of Emotional Well-being and Holistic Therapy- fully person centred with the aim of not only providing support for people suffering from stress and anxiety- but to educate in a wider sense of the importance of emotional well-being.

Our Counselling Service is led by Dexter Mclaughlin BACP – who promotes Person Centred Counselling- recently live on Hiblio TV at Torbay hospital.


I am Jenny-Louise, I run the Holistic Therapy and Anxiety support service and have been a trained therapist for 11 years- my speciality is working with Guided Relaxation in order to help with all types of stress- this has proved to be very successful with many clients in the past two years that we have been operating.

I also use Reiki and Crystals, in my work-if people believe in the healing powers or not- the therapeutic benefits cannot be denied- clients report feeling calm and at ease and more centred during and after treatments.

As part of Educating people on the benefits of Holistic Therapy, for many years I have been running workshops- which are a lot of fun, but also packed with information on self care.

I also offer a little something to tourists to Torbay- in partnership with Sharon Nelson at the Heart of Torbay Shop – we offer a holistic treatment followed by a Devon Cream tea! great if the weather is not too good, we are located close to the sea front.

We have had some support in the bay which has been great- I do feel we have a way to go yet in encouraging people to get help if they are suffering from any kind of stress. I also believe in making it affordable for people to come along to any of our sessions- the important thing is to get the support you need and you deserve.

I hope to develop the service further over the next few years- continuing to build on what we have created with our person centred holistic approach to support.

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Every day millions of articles are written and published on websites across the world, ranging from product reviews to life of parents and beyond.  These websites are often referred to as blogs and are a great of way of earning back links to your own website.

Which is why we’re opening up this blog to you, the community and its businesses.

Twitter is fantastic for writing short little nuggets of information, but sometimes you need more than just 140 characters.

So what are we looking for from you, well if you follow these guidelines you won’t be going too wrong.

The Guest Bloggers Guidelines

  1. You’re going to need to submit your article with at least one image and the article must be a minimum of 300 words.
  2. Ideally you will be based in Torbay or South Devon
  3. Images must be relevant to the subject you are writing about, pointless popping a picture of Justin Bieber on an article that is to do with hamburgers, unless he’s eating a 100 of them.
  4. Images and/or content that is used from another source must be referenced accordingly.
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Other than the above we welcome articles across a range of topics, including events and more.  To get your article on this website, simply ping it over to us on and we’ll do the rest, alternatively fill out the form below.

We’ve started something now…

Monday is the new Friday for us at the moment, by that we don’t mean we get the Friday feeling on a Monday.  You have to be a pretty special kind of person to achieve that.

No Monday is the new Friday because that’s when I tend to do all the stuff I was meant to do on Friday.  So this week another fast paced chat zoomed by, have to say there is always a level of anticipation before the chat.

Often the hashtag goes a little quieter at the start and then the next thing, you’re in the thick of around 20/30 tweets to reply to, whilst also wrestling with a 3 year old and talking to the other half.

This week our twitter chat achieved 5,338 impressions, a growing figure and a trend that we’re starting to see more and more.

BoostTorbay 5th Birthday Bash – 16th June 2017

HW Baileys

Right change the date, cancel your plans and book us in for the 16th June 2017, we’ve got a little birthday celebration planned.

Join us from 7-9pm on the 16th June at the Harbour Works overlooking the glorious Torquay harbour for an evening of free food, drink, a presentation and of course the #BoostTorbay chat in all it’s glory.

Not sure how we’re going to be able to retweet the physical comments but we’ll do our best.  We’ve limited the ticket numbers to 50, we’re hopeful like that, so grab yours whilst you can.

Tickets are available now and can be found at:

Featured Account @louholistics

We’re delighted to announce that this weeks featured account is @louholistics.  Quite a regular attendee to the #BoostTorbay chat and she runs EWS Torbay Holistic Therapist and Anxiety Support. Love living in Torbay, spending time with friends and enjoying Cheese & wine!!

If we can all pop over and give her a follow that would be awesome.


The Endless Colour Exhibition, Paintings by Jo West is now on over at the Artizan Gallery from 10am-16:30.  Pop down and have a look.  Full details can be found here

Featured Account: All the Right Notes

My name is Nicky Allen and I have a business called All the Right Notes.

All the Right Notes logo

I moved to Devon in June 2005 with absolutely no plans to set up a marketing company having been involved in marketing for many years previously and planning a change of career.  However, this area is packed with independent businesses many of which, understandably, don’t have a dedicated marketing professional on the books.  When I met people and the subject of what I used to do came up I found myself being asked to help with all sorts of interesting bits and pieces.  At that point, I set up All the Right Notes and never really looked back.  In 2010 I was asked to become Marketing Manager for Babbacombe Cliff Railway, a voluntary role which I have thoroughly enjoyed. Spreading the word about such an important historic attraction is an honour and we’ve had an incredible time promoting the railway and the fabulous Oddicombe Beach culminating in a record-breaking year in 2016 when over 120,000 people travelled with us.

Babbacombe is a lovely location, brimming with attractions, bars, restaurants, spectacular scenery and beaches.  I have been lucky enough to meet some incredibly enthusiastic and energetic people and together we have worked on all sorts of projects that I am very proud of.

Since moving to Devon I have acquired many new skills.  I have organised events ranging from small, fundraising functions and evening beach parties to the five-day Babbacombe Festival which attracted thousands of people to our Festival Marquee on Babbacombe Downs.  Needless to say, I’ve not done these alone but worked with great team-mates, local suppliers, entertainers etc.  I have also gained wide experience of the hospitality industry working for various bars and restaurants in the area offering marketing expertise, event and function management as well as assisting with recruitment and customer service.  I have also discovered a personal passion for photography, inspired by the great scenery all around me.

Marketing, and successful business generally, is all about communicating – the right message to the right people at the right time.  Decide on your message, agree it and stick to it.  The way to gain people’s confidence is to be reliable.  If you say you’re going to do something, do it and do it as well as you possibly can.


To follow what All the Right Notes is up to or, if you’d like to take a look at some of my photography, please feel free to follow me on social media.


Or check out my website at

When does a chat become a chat up?

Ok so a bit of an unusual title for this weeks round up.

I am also exceptionally late and running very much behind on my personal projects so hence the late night arrival of the round up.

If you joined us on Friday, 5th May, you will know we had quite a busy one and each week we appear to be gaining new people popping into the #BoostTorbay chat.

Friday saw the busiest chat to date, our tweets earned 5,489 impressions, certainly not the highest of some of the twitter accounts out there but one which is certainly growing.

We’ve had some terrific feedback from a couple of the regular attendees and thank you for this.  I’d like to say the chat wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for you guys, unless I tweet myself, which wouldn’t be the first time.

So a massive thank you to you and now lets crack on with this weeks round up.

BoostTorbay Chat Up – Prelimary date of 26th May 2017

This year #BoostTorbay turns 5 years old.

Since 2012 we have grown our follower base from 0 to 8,163 and it is still growing.

We were born at a time long before the #hour’s began and way before #openforbusiness started.

Our pedigree was in trying to make a difference to the bay whether that be through helping businesses, the community or event promotion.

This year  we’re aiming to meet at a venue, have a few drinks before moving on to #BoostTorbay chat at 8pm, we are also looking to bring cake.  Who doesn’t like cake?

So in answer to our title this week, hopefully on the 26th May 2017 the chat will become a chat up.

Watch this space for further details.

BoostTorbay Newsroom – Goes Live

If you work for the press or a media company, you’re going to love our newly launched dedicated website and email.

The newsroom will be your first port of call for news and details surrounding our new products/services that we’re working on behind the scenes.

For more details visit: and follow us on twitter at @BoostTorbayNR 

Featured Account @ATRnotes

We’re pleased to welcome our new featured account this week, @ATRnotes.

@ATRnotes is a Marketing, PR & a spot of event organising agency with excellent people beside the seaside in Torbay.  You can find out more details about @ATRnotes by visiting their dedicated website at


This week, if you’re up for a bit of business networking on Wednesday morning.  Torquay chamber are hosting their monthly networking meetup at The Grand Hotel.  Kick off is from 07:30 – 09:00.  Don’t forget to bring your business cards and of course yourselves.

The official Torquay Chamber of Commerce Eventbrite page has all the details.

That’s everything from me, now someone pass me the coffee!!


Featured Account: CC Aerial Solutions

CC Aerial Solutions officially started in January 2017 after flying drones for the past couple of years as a hobby.  During the early years we would get asked if the pictures we take were for sale or if we could film an event.  At that point it wasn’t possible as you need permission from the CAA (PfCO Permission for Commercial Operations) which was costly and time consuming.

Always had a passion for photography on land so the natural progression seemed to be drones, love technology and seeing what it can do.

Online Logo

In late 2016 we decided that was the right time to start the process, this involved a 3 day ground school with 2 exams and then on the third day a flight exam.  Success all passed and on our way….the next step was probably the hardest thing we had to do, this came in the form of writing our Operations Manual from scratch.  In here we have everything in relation to how we will operate on a commercial level and also all health and safety aspects that we must adhere to for each and every flight in the future. (even goes as far as how much rest the main pilot in command needs before each flight/job)

80 pages later and it’s complete, this along with insurance (PL) and certificate from the training school gets sent off to the CAA and the wait starts….28 days later your PfCO comes through…this was when our journey started and the hard work.

We already had jobs lined up for when our permission came through so got to work organising them, during this time the organisers of BMAD on Paignton Green made contact asking if we could fly on the day to capture the event.  After about 2 months of planning the day came, various risk assessments, method statements and contact with the council.  All permissions granted and good to go. (video coming shortly)

We only fly DJI drones and started with a Phantom 3 Professional, progressing to an Inspire 1 Pro and Phantom 4 Pro+.  These allow us to capture increidble footage and photos from the air.  Many of our photos have been featured in the local news apers.

We get numerous enquiries each week asking for our services, didn’t expect it to really “take off” as it did, there are various avenues where Drones can help and promote business not just in Torbay but the UK and we are ready to make that happen.

This week we had confirmation from the RNLI that we are an accredited Drone Operator for when they need us, this was a big boost as they have a very strict policy with who they give this to.  Such a great service they provide so honored to be a part of it as we were recently during their staged simulation in conjunction with the We Ferry service in Paignton.  (pics on our facebook and instagram pages)

You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter aswell as our Youtube channel where all videos are posted.