Featured Account: Jenny-Lou Mclaughlin

At The Torbay Holistic Support service, we offer a complete package of Emotional Well-being and Holistic Therapy- fully person centred with the aim of not only providing support for people suffering from stress and anxiety- but to educate in a wider sense of the importance of emotional well-being.

Our Counselling Service is led by Dexter Mclaughlin BACP – who promotes Person Centred Counselling- recently live on Hiblio TV at Torbay hospital.


I am Jenny-Louise, I run the Holistic Therapy and Anxiety support service and have been a trained therapist for 11 years- my speciality is working with Guided Relaxation in order to help with all types of stress- this has proved to be very successful with many clients in the past two years that we have been operating.

I also use Reiki and Crystals, in my work-if people believe in the healing powers or not- the therapeutic benefits cannot be denied- clients report feeling calm and at ease and more centred during and after treatments.

As part of Educating people on the benefits of Holistic Therapy, for many years I have been running workshops- which are a lot of fun, but also packed with information on self care.

I also offer a little something to tourists to Torbay- in partnership with Sharon Nelson at the Heart of Torbay Shop – we offer a holistic treatment followed by a Devon Cream tea! great if the weather is not too good, we are located close to the sea front.

We have had some support in the bay which has been great- I do feel we have a way to go yet in encouraging people to get help if they are suffering from any kind of stress. I also believe in making it affordable for people to come along to any of our sessions- the important thing is to get the support you need and you deserve.

I hope to develop the service further over the next few years- continuing to build on what we have created with our person centred holistic approach to support.

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/louholistics 

Visit our website: https://www.brixhamewsclinic.com/



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