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We have since launched our very own website over at featuring its very own What’s On Guide, Business Guide and a whole host of news stories from around the bay.

It would be great to see you over there, click the link above to come on over to our new website.



Jewel Temple, Martin Bush Exhibition

(Torbay – 22 August 2017) Artizan Gallery will be holding a three-week solo exhibition for Royal William Yard Artist-in-Residence Martin Bush in September 2017.  Martin has held the position of Artist-in-Residence at the Royal William Yard in Plymouth for over twelve years, having had a successful career as a commercial artist, and creates vibrant abstract oil paintings.  He lists Gerhardt Richter, Jackson Pollock, and Howard Hodgkin among the artists whose work inspires him.


As a commercial artist, Martin Bush produced murals and interior décor projects for restaurants, pubs, and hotels in and around Oxford.  A year living in Thailand in the late 1990s led to a shift in focus and Martin discovered his passion for painting abstract works in oils and acrylics, stating that he found the courage to leap into the artistic unknown whilst rediscovering himself.  Having adopted Thailand as his second home, Martin goes back to Thailand every year to ‘recharge’ his artistic batteries.

After my many trips to my second home I always love the serenity and spiritual moments I enjoy when visiting Temples in Thailand.

My way of painting comes from within and as I have painted over the years I always liken my work to those joyous emotions I get when living life in this amazing culture.

My latest work is a celebration of these visits especially to the magnificent Temples (known as Wots in Thai). Using gold leaf with a brightened palette of paint I sense the environment where people are calm and humbled by the surroundings within a Temple.

Its stops you, takes away fears, pain, sadness and gives you a sense all around are with happiness, peace and tranquillity.

I will be following this trail as I paint for a while……

Jewel Temple will run from Friday 1st until Saturday 23rd September, with an Artist Preview from 6-8PM on Friday 1st September.  The exhibition is curated and stewarded by Artizan Gallery – 7 Lucius Street, Torquay TQ2 5UW.

For further information, please contact Julie Brandon at or telephone 01803 428626.

It’s all about the birthday

WOW!! What an absolutely amazing night filled with good company, giggles, food and of course a few well-timed infamous glasses of wine.

Think before we dive in and say anymore its best to say a massive thank you each and every one of you that took the time out of your evening to come and attend the #BoostTorbay birthday bash.  It was great to see so many familiar and new faces there.

The Prep

Preparations for the event had started a week prior to the event with a rather attractive looking cake being ordered from @DDsCupCakes8.  That week also saw event invites being sent out via our mailing list and eventbrite organisations page.

Initially the concept of pizza and tweets sounded yummy.  But on one of the hottest days of the year, it was decided at 1pm on the Friday to move to sandwiches and light snacks and boy did we deliver just that.

By 6pm, the stage was set, food was there, wine was chilling and the air felt right for a birthday bash.

Arriving on site, setting up for the presentation in the board room, nerves were certainly starting to make their appearance, after all what’s the worse that could happen?

What followed was a light-hearted evening of informal business networking.

It was great to meet the team from Avron House, Emotional Well-Being Holistic Support and Proud Geek to name but a few of the people who attended.

The presentation vs nerves 

I’ve got to give a special thanks to Jenny-Lou from EWS Holistic Support for getting everyone’s attention to move into the boardroom for the presentation.  Everyone was having such a great time, that it almost felt a little rude of me trying to shout about the chatter. :).

Once in the boardroom a small presentation of where BoostTorbay has been, what we’ve done to date and where we are going in the future unfolded.

The presentation was well received with questions being asked surrounding how it would work, costs and so on.

The presentation lead nicely into cutting of the cake, almost feels like a wedding, and again a special thanks to @DDsCupCakes8.

Where was the chat? 

Once the cake had been cut, the food eaten the time had flown by and we’re now onto the #BoostTorbay chat.

It was quite refreshing to hear that people didn’t want to tweet, the focus, yes was to get people to tweet during the #BoostTorbay chat.  But why tweet it in 144 characters when you can say it in 10?

Informal networking lasted well into the evening with business cards being exchanged between all people and everyone receiving a #BoostTorbay cup cake.

It was great to hear comments such as “can we do another one”?  “Stop feeding us”

Overall, Friday the 16th June 2017 saw a beautiful evening and a light-hearted, informal gathering of people to celebrate BoostTorbay’s 5th birthday.

We’ve like to give a special thanks to @ethreedigital@theharbourworks,  @louholistics and @TorbayTDA

The Future

For those of you who didn’t attend, there was a small presentation about the future of BoostTorbay and where we see it moving forward in the future.  It is worth noting that you can find all the details about the presentation and our plans for the future on the official Newsroom website.

The Pictures

You can find all of the pictures from the #BoostTorbay Birthday bash right here:

All the pictures from the #BoostTorbay birthday bash at The Harbour Works

Posted by Boost Torbay on Saturday, June 24, 2017

Featured Account 

We’ve had a couple of featured accounts since our #BoostTorbay bash.

First up was the week before which saw @CwashingtonPT become our featured account for a 2nd time this year.  We will be pinging him an email this week to catch up with how things have been and it gives us something new to put on the blog.

Secondly, was the @theworkstorbay, they were our featured account last week, which was very much a matter of coincidence that they should become our featured account on the very week they provided the venue for the #BoostTorbay Birthday bash.

Finally this week it’s @simonwaugh, festival Director of White Rock Festival Paignton taken over as full time job. Who is this weeks featured account.


This weekend grab your trainers and hit the Torbay Half Marathon, or if you’re not feeling quite that energetic you can pop along and spectate from the side of the road.



Featured Account: The Works Torbay

HW Baileys

The modern space lends itself to collaborative working and provides a flexible working option in a relaxed environment for remote workers, home workers and employees looking for a private space to work in.

The Works are fully equipped, with access to high speed broadband, printing and postal services plus meeting room space and the opportunity to receive support and advice from a fully accredited Business Advisor. With a coordinator on hand throughout the week to facilitate the work space and provide a personal touch, many businesses are introduced to companies and individuals they can work with and do business together.

Deborah Smith, one of the coordinators for The Works, said:

Our members love the space we provide. They love the relaxed setting and feel comfortable and focused, with the added bonus of collaborating with others. Another great aspect is the flexibility of the memberships and the 24/7 access.

You can access all the facilities, whether it is conference calls, using the meeting rooms, printing or simply making a cup of tea and sending some emails. The diversity of the space and its use is what makes it so appealing to so many different people and businesses.”

To book your space, learn more about The Works or for a virtual tour visit

Making Preparations

BoostTorbay tickets are available right here

Well it’s here the final week before the #BoostTorbay Birthday bash and we’ve been a little busy preparing both food, drink and a few other little bits and pieces that we’re sure you’re going to love.

As I write this, at some god awful hour of the night, I’ve got a tab open with the new website, my text editor and my mailing application all waiting for me to do something with them all.

Next Friday we’ll be kicking off the #BoostTorbay chat at 7pm, and we hope you will all have a fantastic evening.  The chat is a perfect opportunity for a bit of networking, socialising and of course finding out what we’ve got planned for this year.

Featured Account

Taking us into the #BoostTorbay 5th birthday is Craig Washington (@CWashingtonPT). He was our featured account back in April and it’ll be great to find out what’s new with him and his business.

@CWashingtonPT is a certified personal trainer, sports conditioner, nutritional analyst, fitness advisor, health and fitness blogger working in Torbay at Winners 2000.


Well that just leaves me one major event to tell you all about, and I’m sure you’ve not forgotten.  Join us on Friday 16th June between 7-9pm for a  BoostTorbay Birthday 5th birthday bash combining food, drink and a presentation with a bit of networking and socialising.

You can get tickets still here. 

We’ll see you all on Friday.

Featured Account: Up and Away Vision

When you start a new business you have so many fears about how you will make it work, will it provide a suitable income and how do you sell what you do to other businesses.
That’s how I felt when I first had the thought about starting an aerial photography company.

The path to where I am today was not an easy one. Firstly I had never flown a drone in my life so that was a good place to start. With a little research and shopping around I dived into the world of drone flying and immediately I was hooked. It was amazing to be able to take a love of
photography and the camera to places and heights that I could only of ever dreamt of.

After several months I made the decision to become a qualified UAV pilot. Its been a long time since I had to study for exams but all the hard work paid off and after 3 long days and 3 exams I passed and became fully qualified. Now came the hard part where I had to write a long manual to present to the Civil Aviation Authority in order to receive a Permission for Commercial Operations certificate. At the beginning of March I become a fully CAA Approved UAV Pilot and my dream of running my own business become a reality, it felt amazing to have got this far and Up & Away Vision was born.


Since then I have become We, as my wife now plays a big part in the business and we have been flying our drones all over South Devon and have had the privilege of filming some big events in Torbay. Our most recent event was Brixfest, where we covered the whole weekend from both the ground and the air. A full video for the event is currently being edited ready for release very soon.

During our first months trading we have met some incredible people throughout Torbay and have finally shrugged the shyness that would have us freeze on social media platforms. Now we love to meet new faces and relish all the opportunities we are presented with.

In the next few months we are taking part in numerous events where we are giving talks and demonstrations on how drones are used and around the legalities of drone use. We are excited to be part of the upcoming English Riviera Film Festival where we have two films being shown highlighting the beautiful English Riviera.

A big part of what we do is about showing that drones are not there in order for us to spy on people or invade privacy but used responsibly and inline with legislation they provide us a unique view of the world around us and in cases around the world have been used to save lives.

Our photography and filming services encompass a wide range of uses including promotion, marketing, estate and property, events and weddings. We fly using the latest drone technology and can capture video in 4K ultra high definition along with 16 megapixel photos for those stunning aerial shots we love to capture.

If the future of Up & Away Vision is as good as the first few months have been then we cant wait.

You can find out more about us at

A later than planned round up

File_000 (1)

Each Friday I run the #BoostTorbay chat 8-9pm and that’s great an all and more people appear to be getting involved on a weekly basis which is great to see.

However, the other elements that make up #BoostTorbay i.e. the weekly note and this round up on the blog has been far from consistent.  I’d like to apologies for this lack of consistency an I promise to do better in the coming weeks – time management is key here I think.

We are just over a week to the #BoostTorbay Birthday bash, celebrating 5 years of the hash tag being online and we’re busy working behind the scenes to deliver a fantastic and informative evening.

If you’ve not got your tickets yet, there are few spaces left, get yours here.

Featured Account: @UpandAwayVision

This weeks featured account, is one which is sky high and provides beautiful pictures from above, @UpandAway vision: CAA Approved & Insured Drone Pilot based in TorquayDevon. Providing HD and 4K aerial photography and video for Business, Event or weddings


We’re positive we all know that Thursday is the general election.  No matter what your political allegiance we encourage everyone to get out and vote.

Tweet you all on Friday.